Welcome to Paradise Furniture
Paradise Furniture was founded 25 years ago

with a singular objective of transforming and reinventing the concepts of seating in all imaginable spaces, with the passage of time we have been able to address the primary human concerns of comfort and health, sustainability and user friendliness, optimization of human potential and individual posturing, design and materials. All our chairs are ergonomically designed incorporating the ‘Psychological and Physiological’ principles of engineering and product design.

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As we cater nationwide in India, you can work with us from anywhere!

Our Products



We offer sustainable products incorporating quality and design with superior ergonomics for work spaces to maximize human productivity by minimizing fatigue factor and discomfort.


Remain committed to preserve the environment by use of Eco – Friendly materials and manufacturing processes.

Research & Innovation

Carry out product research and innovation in perpetuity to introduce new products with superior intrinsic values with emphasis on extreme ergonomics to address physical aspects of sitting problems, individual adaptability and response to design.